Rossese di Doceacqua DOC 2020

The Rossese di Dolceacqua vineyards are located in the geographical area that extends into fourteen municipalities, or fractions of municipalities, in the surroundings of Ventimiglia.Rossese di Dolceacqua is often trained "alberello", as the Mediterranean tradition dictates, the vines are grown in impervious areas, where all the operations indispensable for maintaining the vine are necessarily manual.

Balanced flavour, slightly dry withvery slight tannic vein. It ends with apleasant and typically bitter aftertaste.

100% Rossese di Dolceacqua D.O.C.

The bunch is medium in size with a truncated cone shape, winged and medium compact.

Vintage of 2020

13.5% vol.


Winy and fragrant bouquet when young, with aging it becomes broad, ethereal.
Balanced flavour, slightly dry with a very slight tannic vein. It ends with a pleasant and typical bitter aftertaste.
Medium ruby ​​red color with slight purplish reflections.

Steel tanks for at least six months.

It goes best with white meats, especially rabbit, medium-aged cheeses and, taking care to slightly lower the serving temperature, also with elaborate fish dishes such as stockfish and octopus stews .

Around 15°-18°C

Slightly pot-bellied goblets with medium stem.

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Liguria a territory suspended between land and sea

Liguria is certainly one of the Italian regions with the most evocative landscapes in the country, a feature that has strongly influenced the food and wine culture of this land and, in particular, viticulture and wine production.

A landscape that has no middle ground: facing the sea - which bathes the entire southern part of the region - and behind the mountains: two conditions that have strongly marked the gastronomic culture of the region.

This difference is also found in the wines of Liguria, where the vineyards exposed to the sea breeze, often cultivated on steep cliffs sloping towards the sea, produce wines with a very personal and particular "salinity", hardly present in wines produced elsewhere.

our heroic viticulture

The cultivation of vines in Liguria can in fact be defined, in many areas of this region, as heroic . Often the vineyards are cultivated in steep and steep terrain.

In these areas the harvest is carried out rigorously by hand and the grapes are carried out of the vineyard by the harvesters who load the baskets on their shoulders. A lot of effort and a lot of dedication are however rewarded by the result of the cellar, wines which, despite being produced in small quantities, always stand out in the Italian wine scene.

The viticultural system adopted in Liguria with its vertical vineyards, planted on the steep slopes that slope down towards the sea, has aroused the interest and curiosity of many, even in the past.

The production of wine and the development of viticulture in Liguria will be strongly determined by the environmental conditions and the territory which, given its characteristics, does not allow extensive but rather restricted and difficult cultivations. For this reason, even today the winemaking reality of Liguria, despite being of excellent quality, is mainly made up of small cellars and with rather limited productions.



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