State aid

Disclosure obligations for public disbursements

State aid and de minimis aid received by our company are as follows:

  • State aid contained in the National Register of State aid pursuant to art. 52 of Law 234/2012 to which reference is made, which can be consulted by entering the following tax code as a search key: 01262040080 at the following link: /TransparencyHelp.jspx
  • Additional State Aid:
    • Recipient name: Fratelli Baiardo S.n.c. (tax code 01262040080)
    • Name of the lender: Revenue Agency Pag Urg Covid19-Rome-IT
    • Sum collected: € 2,000
    • Collection date: 18/11/2020
    • Reason: benefit/contribution Art. 25 DL n 34 of 2020 cf. 01262040080
  • Additional State Aid:
    • Recipient name: : FRATELLI BAIARDO SNC C.F. 01262040080
    • Name of the lender: MISE
    • Sum collected: €53,851
    • Date of collection: use in compensation in the year 2020

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