Cultivar Ogliarola and Taggiasca (Unfiltered) - OLIVE OIL COUNTRY 2022 - 2023

Bottled as it flows naturally from cold pressing, without any filtration, with an aftertaste delicately fruity, it has a fragrant taste and an inviting scent .

The "Medium Fruity", balanced and harmonious, embellishes even the simplest dishes with its aroma,making it suitable for any meal


Oil produced in ITALY from olives grown and pressed in ITALY 


Cultivar Taggiasca and Cultivar Ogliarola


Must - Unfiltered, as it flows from the mill


Obtained at  Cold to preserve the organoleptic, nutritional and health characteristics of the oil


Acidity in free oleic acid ≤0.35%


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Organoleptic characteristics

Oil with a delicately fruity aftertaste, it has a fragrant flavor and an inviting aroma typical of healthy fruits.

Obtained cold

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained cold from fresh healthy olives, with an extraction process that does not exceed a temperature of 27°C .

This process helps to preserve the organoleptic, nutritional and health characteristics of the oil


It is bottled "must" without any other processing or filtration, as it flows naturally from the olive juice in the mill; the veiled appearance and any deposit on the bottom ("sludge"), due to the natural sedimentation process, are a guarantee of this traditional production process.

The chemical analysis of our extra virgin olive oil

Current legislation ≤ 0.80%

The determination of acidity is perhaps the oldest and best known means used to evaluate the quality of an oil; it is not perceptible in terms of taste, but its increase corresponds to a general worsening of the sensory characteristics. The lower the acidity level, the more assured that the extra virgin olive oil is of high quality, coming from healthy and intact fresh olives, carefully harvested from the olive trees at the right degree of ripeness and after a few hours cold-pressed with true miller art.

Current legislation ≤ 20.

The number of peroxides, which are formed by the reaction of the oil with oxygen, indicate the oxidation state of the oil: an oxidized oil has probably been stored (e.g. exposure to light, high temperature) and/or worked in incorrect way. The lower the number of peroxides, the better the quality of the oil and its state of conservation, while a high number of peroxides indicates an oxidation process that has already started and is irreversible.

Current law ≤ 2.50

It highlights the refining processes or the oxidation and aging phenomena of the oil; it measures both the genuineness and the purity of the oil, in addition to the state of conservation of the same (genuineness above all means that it has not been cut/mixed with other oils or polluted by different substances). Low values ​​of the spectrophotometric indices are an indication of a good quality of the oil, while high values ​​are an indication of blending with refined oils, both seed and olive.

Current law ≤ 0.22

Current law ≤ 0.01

Current legislation ≤ 250

They are compounds contained on the leaves and fruits, normally present in minimal quantities in extra virgin olive oils; therefore they are a useful parameter for revealing any commercial fraud as they reach high values ​​only in pomace oils for which they are a recognition factor. A high wax content (above the legal limits) is undoubtedly an indication of an illicit addition of pomace oil to olive oil.

use it like this

The "Fruity Flavor", rich and delicate at the same time, makes it a balanced oil to be used throughout the meal by virtue of balanced organoleptic characteristics and a full and harmonious flavour.



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