The beneficial properties of honey are many, so much so that for thousands of years we have been using this tasty "natural medicine" which for various reasons is truly irreplaceable.

Do you think that in ancient times (even before Christ) it was used both for healing purposes and in cosmetics or in kitchen. It was even made to drink to the spouses in the days following the wedding, in the form of fermented (mead) as a sign of good wishes. The expression “honeymoon” derives from this tradition.


But what are the beneficial properties of this magical substance produced by bees?

First of all, honey is particularly indicated in childhood nutrition,because it favors the fixation of mineral salts, unlike sugar.

Secondly, it is an important anti-inflammatory for the throat and cough, which also has sedative properties useful against nervousness and insomnia.

We should also mention its antiseptic and antibacterial action for which it also brings benefits when applied to chronic wounds and burns.

Honey is also a powerful invigorating because it supplies our body with essential substances such as potassium, fructose and sodium.

Contains various antioxidant compounds which fight free radicals, preventing the onset of dangerous pathologies.

Fortifies the muscles, increasing resistance and promoting physical recovery.

Heals the skin, effective in treating pimples and acne.


Which honey to use?

Obviously it is essential to choose a quality honey. How to do?

First of all, you must verify its origin: a careful reading the label is a fundamental action.

In fact, on some honeys produced from combs from abroad you can find the writing: "blend of honeys from various European and non-European countries" (and possible variants of the same formula). Warning: large retailers and confectionary companies prefer to have honey that is always identical to itself so as not to alter its taste and properties. Furthermore, as is easily imaginable, honey from abroad is cheaper. However, we will not have many guarantees on the production procedures…

The advice is therefore always to avoid honey that is not 100% Italian also because it isin Italythe legislation on the matter is very severe. The law requires that  100% of what ends up in the jar must be produced by the hive and  are not allowed residues of chemical substances (such as antibiotics or drugs with which bees are treated).

Don't be misled by special offers: honey must be paid at an appropriate price!


And you, where do you buy your favorite honey?

Rely on seriousness: La Porta dei Sapori selects three types of entirely natural honey for you, which will help make your diet more balanced and healthy. Harvested and handcrafted in Piedmont, unfiltered and not subjected to treatments that could alter its characteristics.

The Italian Millefiorincomes from the collection of nectar from several varieties of flowers on spontaneous blooms in uncontaminated areas, crystallizes spontaneously and is the most varied in pollen content.Usually of solid consistency (crystallised), it has a very intense color which can be light with a sweet taste and a more or less intense variegated aroma, or dark with a full, marked flavour, with a more or less bitter aftertaste

Italian Chestnut Honey the particular characteristics and properties that make it chosen by an increasing number of people. It usually has a dark, amber color and crystallization is absent or very slow; it has a characteristic intense smell of undergrowth and the flavor is also intense with a slightly bitter aftertaste.

Italian Acacia Honey is perhaps the best known and most appreciated by virtue of its unique peculiar characteristics and qualities. Appearance has a very light color, from almost colorless to straw yellow; at an organoleptic level it is generally liquid; the light or slightly fruity smell recalls that of flowers. The flavor is decidedly sweet, fine and velvety, with very slight acidity: the sensation of sugary syrup is surprising; the aroma is very delicate, typically vanilla, candy, not very persistent and without aftertaste.

Find out more and evaluate all the possible combinations!


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