The careful selection of fruits harvested at the right degree of ripeness, and a completely handcrafted process, allow to preserve the aroma and flavor of freshly picked fruit.

The processing system is "open sky": only the best fresh fruit carefully cleaned, washed and processed immediately after harvesting.

Blueberry Extra Jam € 17,42 EUR
Extra Strawberry Jam € 16,07 EUR
Apricot Extra Jam € 13,37 EUR
Orange jam € 14,18 EUR
Lemon jam € 14,18 EUR
Cherry Fruit Cream € 17,42 EUR
Pear Fruit Cream € 16,07 EUR
Prune Fruit Cream € 16,07 EUR
Acacia's honey € 17,42 EUR
Chestnut honey € 16,07 EUR
Wildflower honey € 16,07 EUR
Peach Extra Jam € 13,37 EUR

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