Terms of payment

Choose how you prefer to pay

 7 payment methods are available: 

  1. Credit Card (on the Shopify Payments circuit)
  2. PayPal
  3. Amazon Pay
  4. Google Pay
  5. Apple Pay
  6. Satispay
  7. Klarna (consumer credit)
  8. Courier delivery (available only in some regions)
  9. Bank Transfer


Credit Card

Payment by Credit Card takes place on the payment system ShopifyPayments.

Shopify Payments is PCI compliant and supports checkout with 3D Secure which includes:

  • Checkout with 3D Secure
  • PCI standard compliant servers
  • Encryption of payment data

Security: if, following checks, the transaction does not appear to be secure, Fratelli Baiardo S.N.C. – La Porta dei Sapori will cancel the order.

At no time during the purchase process will Fratelli Baiardo S.N.C. – La Porta dei Sapori is able to know the information relating to the credit card and the credit card number of the purchaser or the financial, patrimonial and personal information of the Customer. This information is in fact transmitted at the time of the Customer's confirmation via a secure connection directly to the bank portal or to the finance company.


It is necessary to open a PayPal account - Find out how to open a PayPal account

By choosing to purchase through the Paypal payment methods, at the conclusion of the order, you will be directed to the Paypal login page. The amount relating to the order is charged to the Paypal account at the time of order acquisition. In case of cancellation of the order both by the Customer and in case of non-acceptance by Fratelli Baiardo S.N.C. – La Porta dei Sapori, the amount will be refunded to the customer's Paypal account. Paypal protects the buyer's information by adopting the most advanced security systems.

By completing the procedure on the site, you will authorize Fratelli Baiardo S.N.C. – La Porta dei Sapori to charge the total amount of the order, shipping costs included, to your credit card or PayPal account.

Amazon Pay (read more)

Amazon Pay is a service that allows you to send payments for products and services using the payment methods already associated with your Amazon.it account. To make a payment, you can use one of the methods available in your Amazon.it account.

You can open an account the first time you make a payment on any third-party website that accepts Amazon Pay, after accepting our User Agreement.

If there are unauthorized Amazon Pay charges to your payment method, you can dispute the charge with us. Depending on how early you notify us of any unauthorized transactions, you may be exempt from paying for them. If you use Amazon Pay for qualifying purchases on third-party websites, the condition of the purchased item and timely delivery are guaranteed by the Amazon A-to-Z Guarantee. If you pay for a product or service but don't receive the item you ordered, or if it turns out to be materially different than the seller advertised, you can dispute the transaction and request a refund. For more information, seeTransaction disputes.

Amazon Pay does not share data relating to your payment methods with other subjects.If you use Amazon Pay, you do not need to disclose your payment information to others. When you use Amazon Pay, any changes you make to your payment methods will also take effect in your Amazon.it account (and vice versa).

The payment methods available in your Amazon.it account can also be used with Amazon Pay.

It costs nothing. Using Amazon Pay does not incur any merchant transaction fees. Your purchase does not incur transaction fees, nor does it incur any membership fees, exchange rates, foreign transaction fees, or other fees. However, your credit card company may add a foreign transaction fee if your card is issued in a country other than the seller's country, as well as other fees described in your credit card terms and conditions.

You can manage almost all aspects of your account directly on Amazon.it. Go to the address http://www.amazon.it, log in and click on My account. Further changes can be made on the website Amazon Pay.

For detailed information about the data you can modify, and where to modify them, consult Amazon Pay account settings.

If the Amazon Pay payment method is accepted to purchase a product or service, click on the Amazon Pay button or logo, enter your Amazon.it e-mail address and password and select the payment method. preferred payment. For more information, see Paying for products and services.

Payments you make using Amazon Pay are marked on your credit card statement with the following expression: AMZ*[Merchant Name] amzn.com/pmts


Satispay is an application which, by linking it to your bank account, allows you to pay for your online purchases.

The Satispay app is powered directly by the private current account or by the rechargeable card with IBAN code and is not linked to the credit/debit card codes, which are not requested either during the registration phase or during the sign-up phase use of the service.

For more information on Satispay https://www.satispay.com/it-it/privati/


Split your payment into 3 interest-free installments to spread the cost of your purchase over time.

The first payment will be made when the order has been processed, while the other 2 will be withdrawn every 30 days from a debit or credit card of your choice.

With Klarna you have the flexibility to buy on installments without any additional interest.

At this link all the information on the Klarna service

Payment by Cash on Delivery (to the courier)

Payment on delivery, by cash on delivery, is possible only in the following Italian regions with an additional contribution of €2.90:

  • Liguria
  • Piedmont
  • Aosta Valley
  • Lombardy
  • Veneto
  • Trentino-Alto Adige
  • Friuli-Venezia Giulia
  • Emilia-Romagna

Bank Transfer (advance)

After receiving the order, the staff of Fratelli Baiardo S.N.C. – La Porta dei Sapori will contact the Customer via e-mail providing the details for making the bank transfer.

In order to speed up shipping times, we recommend that you send us the bank accountant (complete with CRO) of the transfer by e-mail within 3 working days from the date of the order.

The ordered items will be sent only when the amount due has been credited to the current account of Fratelli Baiardo S.N.C – La Porta dei Sapori within 7 (seven) working days from the date of acceptance of the contract. Deadline beyond which the order will be cancelled. For quick identification of your order, the purpose of the bank transfer must include the progressive number of the order and the name and surname of the person who placed the online order.


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