Packages containing only wine, beer or grappa: the world of drinking.

Rich proposals to satisfy connoisseurs of white or red wines, who wish to discover the wine richness of our beloved Ligurian land, or packs for those who prefer unpasteurised craft beer, therefore lively, healthy and genuine, or other proposals for lovers of bubbles and for those who want to end the meal with an extra note of flavour.

The Cellar packages are made with anelegant color lithographed box and protected with a transparent stretch microfilm.


Master Brewer Clear € 68,85 EUR
Dark Brewmaster € 68,85 EUR
Bubbles € 73,31 EUR
West White € 68,85 EUR
Western Red € 75,60 EUR
Still € 137,30 EUR
Ponente winery € 144,45 EUR
Red Cellar Pack € 151,20 EUR

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