Oil filtration serves to eliminate the olive particles that remain in suspension and part of the olive vegetation water.
Through filtration, the oil becomes less cloudy and less subject to alterations in taste and of appearance over time.

But then, why should I also evaluate the purchase of must (i.e. unfiltered) extra virgin olive oil?

The answer to this question lies in the chemical and sensory characteristics which presents the EVO oil must when it is new, which are slightly better than those of the same oil once filtered. Therefore, returning to the choice of the "best" EVO oil, once selected more in line with one's tastes (and with certain qualitative parameters) the question to ask yourself is:

Would I use it within a few months of pressing the olives?
If the answer is yes, our advice is to buy non-filtered oil, to better savor every nuance.

If, on the other hand, the habit ine is to use little or to use several at the same time and, therefore, if the bottle would remain open for more than 6 months from the olive pressing period, the advice is to buy a filtered EVO oil, to prevent it from deteriorating, altering in the taste.

You haven't tried our extra virgin olive oils yet but have you already decided whether your next oil will be filtered or non-filtered?

If you have any doubts about the quality of the products , consult the data sheets of the oils and our guides to verify the maximum respectability of all the parameters!
Once the doubts have been removed, let yourself be conquered by the taste of our Selection at every meal.

It will be a journey to discovery of flavors that you will never want to give up!

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